#50 I just realized

I just realized something. With all the discussion around Google’s threat to leave China, many people seem to have forgotten (including myself, I admit), that this may indeed be China’s century. With an abundance of qualified labor, smart (albeit not always fair) economic policies, unlimited foreign reserves and much more, China is on the way to change the global economic landscape. As Dani Rodrick of Harvard University recently mused, tremendous change may be ahead of us. We’ll not only see more powerful Chinese companies of all sectors in the global marketplace, we’ll also see a change in the global political and legal framework shaped by a more Chinese view of the world. If it’s true that wealthy families in Manhattan are increasingly hiring Chinese speaking nannies so that their children learn the language of the future, I can only ask why are they smarter than many corporations who still see China as a potential market instead of a competitor that needs to be taken very seriously.

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