#9 Greed in International Business

Greed has a special role in international business. On the one hand, one must admit that there would be no international business activity at all, if companies and managers didn’t feel the need to grow their business  across national borders. Taking such action simply involves a little greed. On the other hand, greed can become dysfunctional when it prevents people and organizations from being thorough and sincere in their efforts to enter international markets. Greed thus may lead to behaviour that exploits resources of all sorts in foreign countries, it may induce people to act in illegal and unethical ways. Besides, it may induce managers to take more and higher risks than they normally would and make them loose sight of the bigger picture. In return for the short-term gain, companies may thus neglect the long-term perspective. They may take quick, irrational action which creates problems down the road.

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