#61 Tata and Land Rover

Inspired by the recently announced sale of Volvo to Zhejiang Geely by Ford Motor, I tried to find out what’s happening to British Jaguar Land Rover that has been acquired by Tata Motors of India in 2008. Well, the news has been mixed. In fall 2009, Tata Motors has announced plans to close one of two Jaguar Land Rover factories in England by 2014. This didn’t seem surprising for ailing car brands. It made even more sense when the year-end results showed a loss of $565 million. Most recently however, in March 2010, the US magazine BusinessWeek reported that sales are picking up and Tata’s luxury division has even turned a profit of $141 million in the most recent quarter. New executives have been hired away from GM and BMW, so everything looks good. This will certainly be a transnational acquisition that continues to be of interest.

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