#109 Donut Burger

How do you like your donuts? Chocolate or pink frosting? Rainbow sprinkles? Old fashioned? Some coffee with that? If you’re Indian you’re more likely to show up at the local Dunkin Donuts to ask for a “Brute tough Guy Veggie Burger”. Competing with other US-chains including Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, or Subway, the Massachussetts-based company Dunkin Donuts and its Indian master franchisee Jubilant Foodworks have had some tough lessons to learn in the Indian market. Adding some local flavors to their donut menu was not enough – they had to completely alter its menu and re-align its brand to fit the needs of the local consumers. The changes in the menu have gone so far that there are as many variations of burgers on the Dunkin menu as there are on McDonald’s. And yes, before you ask, they are all free of beef like many food items of US fast food chains in India. The differences between Indian consumers’ preferences and their US counterparts went beyond just menu items. While the typical Dunkin Donuts customer picks up a fast breakfast there on the way to the office, the concept of getting coffee with sugary sweets on the way from home was very foreign to Indians. The result was that Dunkin Donuts was perceived as a pastry shop (with a rather limited selection of pastries…). Today, after aligning the concept with Indian tastes, Dunkin Donuts is now “Dunkin Donuts and More”. The concept is catching on with Indian consumers, and it has big plans of growing from 35 outlets to about 100 within the next two years. Well done, Dunkin!

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