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#123 From Wal-Mart to Wal-Smart?

The mere fact that Wal-Mart has 430 stores in China might make this look like a success story. However, the reality is that for the longest time, China has presented significant challenges to the world’s largest retailer. Since the opening… Continue Reading →

#122 How (not) to say sorry in Chinese

This month at an event in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, China, 23 Samsung executives kneeled on stage in front of a room full of Chinese distributors. They had the best intentions of apologizing to their trusted Chinese partners for the recent Galaxy… Continue Reading →

#121 There’s a hair in my soup!

In 2007, just before the global financial crisis hit, Campbell Soup Company, the world’s largest producer of ready-made soups, was getting all jazzed up about Russia. Market research had shown that Russians are huge consumers of soup. More than 200… Continue Reading →

#120 Ganbei!

Having just returned from a trip in China, where shots of “bai jiu” (literal translation “white wine/alcohol”) were forced down my throat in great volume over lunch (mind that I usually don’t drink alcohol!), I started to dig into a… Continue Reading →

#119 Xiaomi, dancing Samba. Or not?

Western multinationals have dominated the global economy for the longest time, but the past decade has brought some change. So-called emerging market multinationals have stepped onto the global scene. Except for a few notable exceptions, they have still gone unnoticed… Continue Reading →

#118 A 2nd Paris for Di-Si-Ni?

Disney, or Di-Si-Ni as it is called in Chinese, might be up for another Disneyland Paris experience. At least, that is what Mr. Jianlin Wang seems to think. Last Sunday, Mr. Wang, who also happens to be China’s wealthiest businessman,… Continue Reading →

#117 Uber’s global uber-problems

In a recent article, Fortune magazine questions Uber’s approach to global markets. Apparently, Uber has recently announced that it is loosing more than $ 1 billion in China annually, which is not a small sum to loose even for a… Continue Reading →

#116 China, not so Yum-my anymore

American fast food holding company Yum Brands announced that it would restructure its China business. Normally, there’s nothing wrong with finding a better approach to deal with the local market environment (quite to the contrary, actually), but this case seems… Continue Reading →

#115 Africa – Instead of a post, a map to think about

#114 Every Day Low Price becomes Best Price … in India

Whad’ya know? Wal-Mart is not only the company that had failed internationally before – readers of this blog know about the retail giant’s epic blunders in Germany or South Korea – it is also a company that seems to be… Continue Reading →

#113 Tearing down BRICs, brick by brick?

Most of my inspiration for specific blog topics comes from current news items. And often, I discover those when traveling on long haul flights– one of the few times when my addiction to all things in print and some quiet… Continue Reading →

#112 Big Trouble in Big China?

KFC has been in China for almost 30 years. The first of Yum Brands’ restaurants to move into China has reported sharp profit and revenue declines for their first quarter China business recently. Some media outlets such as the WSJ… Continue Reading →

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